Baran Sarmad born on 31 October 1993 in Iran Director, writer, producer, editor.

She has been interested in creating personal and fantasy spaces since she was a child. As a child, she wrote short stories.

In 2014, she directed the short film ”Must Black”. In this film, she look’s at the woman’s liberation theme in a fantasy form, in which the profound impact of modern society on women's lives is her concern. This film has been screened at several international festivals and was awarded the best short silent film at “Lucania” film festival

She studied dramatic literature at Sooreh University, where she worked on the subject of "Women’s Daily Study in the Works of Chantal Akerman" as her thesis.

She completed closed decoupage course at the National School of Iran and Documentation course in karnameh film school.

She founded the "Menisn" Film Production  in 2017 with her colleague Mohammadreza Mayghani.

After that, she produced

the film "Dar” in 2017 And then she produced the

film "Cleaner" in 2018

These movies Were selected by numerous film festivals throughout the world

She edited "Cleaner"  and "Hours" and she won best editing for "cleaner"

More than ready to bring her artistic vision to the next level in 2018 began working on a personal directorial project. And she started working on the spotted yellow project. The idea for spotted yellow is tooted in her childhood, personal experiences and fantasy. The initial idea was exapnded to modern society and captures the loneliness of the female character.

In 2018, she received the Pitching Award of the Tehran Short Film Festival for the spotted yellow film. In 2019 she made a spotted yellow film.

In this film, she was able to create the first three-dimensional model of a character in Iran. and it set to come out in 2020.

Director’s Filmography

Must black" (2014)

"FIKE" International Film Festival

"TOKO" International Film Festival

"Persian "Film Festival Australia

"DHAKA " International Film Festival

"Human Rights" International Film Festival

"Wenzhou" International Film Festival

" Erbil" International Film Festival

 "KHORSHID" Film Festival

 "SAYEH" Film Festival


Best Short Film  "Lucania " International Film Festival


"Nahal"  International Film Festival